Growing your own mushrooms from home has never been easier. Open, mist with water and within 14 days you will harvest the freshest oyster mushrooms right from the box. These mushroom grow kits come fully colonised with mushroom mycelium and are ready to grow. Instructions are included on the box.Please note:
  • Once opened, the 1st flush of home-grown mushrooms will be ready to harvest within 14 days.
  • If proper care is given, the kit will produce 2 harvests. Sometimes the kits can produce a possible 3rd or even a 4th harvest.
  • Oyster mushroom grow kit will produce on average 1kg of delicious mushrooms per kit (averaged over multiple flushes) 
  • Since the mushroom mycelium is a living organism, the kit must be opened within 7 days of arriving on your doorstep.
  • The substrate within the bag from which the mushrooms grow contains soya.