Discover top-quality filter-patch mushroom grow bags for spawn production and fruiting blocks at House of Fungi. Our durable bags withstand sterilization temperatures, while the filter patch ensures optimal air exchange. We're committed to providing affordable, high-quality solutions for all your mushroom cultivation needs. Join us and explore our range of premium grow bags today!
Understanding Mushroom Grow Bags
When we talk about mushroom grow bags, we're referring to gusseted autoclavable polypropylene filter patch bags which means the following:
  • Gusseted: The sides of the bag fold flat inside, making it compact yet spacious when opened.
  • Autoclavable: These bags can withstand high temperatures for sterilization.
  • Polypropylene: The material ensures durability during sterilization without melting.
  • Filter Patch: A crucial feature allowing air exchange while preventing contamination.
Uses of Mushroom Grow Bags
These bags serve various purposes in mushroom cultivation:
  • Spawn Bags: Ideal for large-scale grain spawn production, making mixing and spreading spawn easier than using jars.
  • Fruiting Blocks: Perfect for creating sawdust fruiting blocks, allowing easy mixing and growth while maintaining air filtration.
Fruiting in the Bag
Grow bags can even serve as mini fruiting chambers, creating a humid environment for mushrooms to thrive. However, adequate air exchange is essential to prevent contamination.