Discover the gourmet mushrooms most commonly cultivated in Aotearoa using our innovative mushroom grow bags.

Pleurotus pulmonarius

Phoenix Oyster Mushroom

Our most popular mushroom variety, also known as the Grey oyster mushroom. Their caps range in colour from white-beige to pale tan with grey, while the undersides are white with cream-coloured stems. This mushroom is deliciously tender when cooked and its flavour can be described as delicate, umami, nutty and faintly sweet. Add it to omelettes, risottos, pastas, casseroles and enjoy!

Pleurotus djamor

Pink Oyster Mushroom

Also known as the Pink Flamingo oyster mushroom, this tropical variety turns heads with its intensely pink colour and beautiful layered clusters. Upon cooking, the pink colour fades and the mushroom becomes a yellow, orange and brown colour. It has a meaty and umami flavour when cooked and when fried crispy, it resembles bacon or ham.

Pleurorus parsonsiae

Velvet Oyster Mushroom

The Velvet oyster mushroom is New Zealand’s very own endemic oyster mushroom. This incredible mushroom grows very large fruiting bodies with beautiful velvety caps. The base of the mushroom can be quite tough so we recommend once the mushroom is harvested, the stems be cut away while the tender caps can be enjoyed cooked into pastas, casseroles and soups.

Hericium novae-zealandiae


Also known as the Coral Tooth fungus or Comb fungus, this fungus is in the same family as the infamous Lions Mane mushroom and there is an increasing body of research indicating that it may have similar medicinal properties to Lions Mane. This mushroom resembles light, pink coral and when cooked is sweet and umami. It need not be added to any dish as once it has been cooked in a little butter or oil, it is the star of its own show. Absolutely delectable!

Cyclocybe parasitica


Also called the Poplar mushroom, this variety is firm, meaty and deliciously savoury when cooked. It is a great mushroom to cook up and add to your morning toast or into a creamy pasta sauce.