We are a family-owned, urban farm in Auckland and we simply love everything about mushrooms - growing, harvesting, cooking and eating them! 

Our mushroom story started from our general passion for food and for trying new tastes. We knew that there were so many incredible varieties of edible mushrooms on offer in New Zealand but they weren’t easy to come by in the local grocer. We were also intrigued by much of the new research highlighting the health benefits of functional mushrooms. So, we started growing oyster mushrooms at home.
What was initially a grow-you-own-food experiment quickly turned into something we felt we had to share and in April 2019, we opened House of Fungi with two main goals in mind: Bring the world of highly nutritious, fresh gourmet mushrooms to Kiwis and make the fascinating experience of growing mushrooms accessible to all.
Today, we grow a variety of gourmet mushrooms including oyster mushrooms, Pekepeke-kiore, Enoki, Wood Ear mushrooms and Tawaka right that we sell wholesale and at local farmer’s markets across Auckland. We also sell New Zealand’s largest oyster mushroom growing kits, making it easy for anyone to grow their own mushrooms from home.
As we explore the amazing world of fungi we are always on the lookout for fun and exciting mushroom products to bring to Kiwi’s - watch this space!

Pink Oyster Mushrooms in coconut bowl