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Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit


It's easy to grow your own mushrooms from home! Simply open, mist with water and within 14 days you will harvest the freshest oyster mushrooms right from the box. Our mushroom grow kits come fully colonised with mushroom mycelium and ready to grow. Instructions are included on the box.

The Phoenix oyster mushroom kit is our most popular mushroom variety and is also known as the grey oyster mushroom. It is deliciously tender when cooked and its flavour can be described as delicate, umami, nutty and faintly sweet. It does well to enhance the flavour of omelettes, risottos, pastas or enjoyed as a side-dish or on toast.

Scientific name: Pleurotus pulmonarius

These mushroom grow kits are 100% NZ Made. They must be opened within a week of receiving the kit before the open-by date to ensure that the mushroom mycelium survives. If you are purchasing a kit as a gift and can't gift it immediately, we recommend that you either ship it directly to the receiver or give a gift card instead.

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